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"Palta Calma"
(Caropsyne: "Loyal and Just")
Capital Aemont
Largest City Aemont
Official Languages Standard Caropsyne
  • Premier
  • Chair of the Fostana
  • Interior Minister
Democracy/Constutional Monarchy
Dr. Phodric Dormond
Rolmand, Lord Roth
Dr. Haldric Maldian
Formation 5650 Years PTE (Lindite Conquest)
(6730 Years PTE (Formation of Gingar))
 • Total
 • Water (%)

75.466 mi diameter. (06 Apr. 05)
 • Civilians
 • Military

13,450,000 (06 Apr. 05)
67,000 Naval(06 Apr. 05)
National Anthem Theomem
National Animal Red Goat
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 94.5% )
Currency 1 Pontanore Credit ($) = 100 Pontanore Tributes
 • Strategic Indutries
(April 5th, 2005)
Oil, Coal, Textiles
Sugar, Copper, Lead, Tin,
Rubber, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilisers

Jajiland is a territory of The Caropsyne Pontanore in Charlia. It was conquered by Caropsyne during the Great Charlian Expansion, and was one of the original colonies of Carops. The native people of Jajiland are the Jaj, however much of the population is now made up of Caropsyne and Ardalian settlers and their descendents. Jajiland has been engulfed with internal difficulties in recent years, which has led to it being regarded as the most wayward member of the Pontanore, with substantial economic problems arising from current unrest. It is typically the case that native Jaji dominate rural areas, whereas Caropsynes occupy urban centres.

[edit] History and Current Affairs

Jajiland is currently a world hotspot of conflict. The Pontanore Government has experienced a violent revolt from the Jaj Independence Front (J.I.F), which succeeded in launching a full-scale revolt within the last year. This revolt, which has been put down by the Pontanore's military, has resulted in the loss of many lives, and the strengthening of ethnic tensions between the various peoples inhabiting Jajiland.

The roots of this conflict span from the discovery of substantial oil reserves in Jajiland, which were immediately granted to Carops Oil by the Pontanore, fuelling local resentment. Failure to secure a deal with Jaj landowners for the oilfields led, in part, to the Great Oil Crisis in Carops, which toppled Dr. Phodric Dormond's government. With the oil crisis has come a wave of aggressive nationalism sparked by foreign agitators, notably of Curian and Wulgarian origin, who are thought to have supplied and equipped J.I.F in the early days. Roy Wast was a rogue Curian agent aiming to secure oil supplies for the 3C company, he was tracked down and killed by the Caropsynes, this indirectly lead to the downfall of Harry Pewed and Fred Groh who masterminded the Curian side of the operation. The Curian government had always denied knowledged but this was disbelieved by the Caropsyne administration due to the Cold War that was brewing at this time.

The final Declaration of Independence for Jajiland was made by J.I.F leader Soso Lamorra, prompting an enormous response from the Pontanore. Lamorra was able to topple the domestic colonial administration within two days, and governed Jajiland for over two weeks before Pontanore troops arrived in Aemont. During the period of J.I.F rule, hundreds of Caropsynes and Ardalians were killed, thousands fleeing to Euvodora and Dracia. J.I.F forces went about removing Caropsyne influences from Aemont, ruining much of the city's heritage.

Pontanore troops landed near to Aemont shortly afterwards with little resistance. A large naval assault upon Aemont ended with the capture of the city, and the killing of major J.I.F officials, including Deputy Leader Chandi Zaka. After this, Pontanore authority was restored, with Lamorra exiled to Kashara Island, off the coast, to run his unrecognised socialist state, the Jaj People's Socialist Republic, which claims to represent the Jaj people.

[edit] Administrative Divisions

Jajiland is divided into several Authorities:

  1. Aemont (Authority Centre: Aemont)
  2. Svaeren (Authority Centre: Svaeran)
  3. Castara (Authority Centre: Molnas)
  4. Termenta (Authority Centre: Casalé)
  5. Jaj Ementa (Authority Centre: Kasja)
  6. Jaj Kinosa (Authority Centre: Shamarra)
  7. Jaj Garana (Authority Centre: Chimoni)

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